Tryna do you proud this finals week, Einstein.


Shout Out to Finals

This finals week is a little weird for me, because I’ll have had 6 full days to study before my 1 exam on Friday, and 2 exams on Monday. I am still feeling the stress though, and when I get stressed, I start thinking about really weird things.

This week’s theme is things in my life that don’t get nearly enough praise for just existing. Here’s a list of things that’s been helping me through this odd week:

1. Rain boots.

Rain boots are so awesome. It miserable outside all of Monday and Tuesday, and I got to wear my bad-ass boots all around campus. These things are literally vehicles allowing you to walk in any kind of terrain. On my way to Kent, I walked in all sorts of mud, with no repercussions to my outfit whatsoever. 4-inch puddles? Whatever. Plus, mine specifically are super cute, and I got them at Target, so I mean, bonus points there too.

2. Schaefer’s White Board Room

photo-4I don’t know about you, but I’ve used a LOT of white boards around campus for the past two years. You wouldn’t think this, but there’s a lot of variety of quality as well. Some boards (like the one on the second floor in the very back study room) are impossible to erase all the way, and have a really weird texture. It makes you want to stop studying for the sole purpose of not having to use that weird board anymore. Others are pretty average. But this one, holy crap. I’m pretty sure it’s new or something, because it is so smooth. Which maybe wouldn’t make a huge difference, but I was only going to go through half of my micro notes today, and BAM, I did all of them. Add to that the fact that there are already markers in this room for you to use (some of them even have a ton of ink in them still!), the fact that the tables in this room are ALSO white boards (with chairs included), I don’t know why I don’t spend the majority of my time in this room.

3. M&Ms. 

Because who doesn’t love that nice pick-me-up walk over to the grind to drown yourself in your own personal comfort food. Mine just happens to be the best candy created: Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms. Plus they’re only 95 cents. That’s 4 cents less than R Kelly’s sheets, people.

4. The free-food lady in the library.

Literally as I was writing this, a woman came around the library with candy and cookies in a laundry basket and let us pick whatever we wanted. She knows what’s up. Best librarian award goes to you, ma’am.

5. Daily Odd Compliments.

I was bored out of my mind last night at work, and I found this website with little sayings that are supposed to make someone feel better about themselves, but could also creep you out a little: I was laughing out loud at my computer screen. It was awesome, and I would totally say any one of these to my significant other.


6. The river. 

 Even if you’re coming back from the library at 2 AM, brain dead and ready to collapse, rest assured, passing the river will instantly calm you. I don’t think people realize that the views here are SPECTACULAR. Added bonus: sometimes you see nature in action. One time, it was around 1 AM on a random Tuesday, and I was all alone walking past the pond. I saw a heron just chilling in the pond, doing it’s thing. We had a moment.


7. My friends. 

Yeah, it’s corny, but we’re pretty awesome. We dance when there’s not music on, laugh uncontrollably about nothing, make fun of each other to no end, eat copious amounts of food, and are completely content with laying in grass in silence for hours. So yeah, that’s fun.

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