Partitions are everywhere

We talked about equivalence relations and partitions as one of the last units in my FOM class. Equivalence relations are basically classes of relations that various things can fit into. Described in a less vague ways, think about elements of sets being balls, and think about equivalence classes being buckets that these balls can be thrown into. You can sort the balls by color, size, or any other way, and that’s where the relation part of the definition comes in. Partitions come in with the fact that balls are in different buckets. Partitions separate elements in some way.

I pretty much understood this concept in the class, but there’s something really weird about the partition part. It shows up everywhere in my life.

Like in my India class (Religions and Cultures of India, but I called it my India class), we learned about the British occupation of India, and the partition of India. I didn’t even have to pay attention in that class to know that that was about splitting up India! The partition of India was basically about splitting up India based on the equivalence class of religions.

    The reason I’m bringing this up now is because I was helping my mom at our church set up for an event, and she asked me to help her with these little dividers that the preschool uses to separate the hall into different sections. Guess what they’re called?! Partitions.


2 thoughts on “Partitions are everywhere

  1. Hey Kate! Just wanted to say thanks for being such an awesome student AND for keeping up with your great blog! I may not have time to comment as often as I’d like, but know that I’m out there reading.

    Also: where do you find your gifs? You have a knack for choosing the perfect ones.

  2. Thanks Casey, that means a lot! FOM was such a great class, I am really going to miss it.

    I usually just type “tumblr gif” and some other words into google search and get pretty good results. Sorry to say I don’t have a complex method of gif retrieval.

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