POW: Awkward Pictures and Theorems and Such

Okay so first of all, this is the most awkward picture I’ve ever taken with anyone ever. I’ve talked to Grace about twice in my life, but she’s taken FOM so we made small talk about that before the picture was taken.


Anyways, my favorite theorem from Calc 1 was Rolle’s Theorem. It’s really intuitive, and basically just states that if you have two points where f(a) = f (b), then at some point, the slope of the tangent line has to be zero, meaning that the line has to change directions to have it hit the same y-point twice. It’s a special case of the Mean Value Theorem.

I don’t really know why it’s my favorite, except the fact that it sounds like Rolo, and I love those candies, and candy in general.

Also, discussing how hard you’ve worked this semester is a pretty awkward question to answer I feel like, just because you almost have to brag about yourself, which I really don’t like doing. I’ll settle with saying I’ve put forth a good amount of effort into this class, and it’s one of the only ones I’ve ever taken where, when I sit down to do work for it, I don’t put a time limit on it. I’ll do FOM for however long it takes. AND obviously the blog is my favorite part.

Have a great break, ya’ll!


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