(Semi) Related, Non-FOMy, Econ-ish Math

So today in class, Casey split us up in groups with post-it notes of different numbers, and post-it’s with a function and domain. The thought was that function people had to find the max and min of the function to find their group members. It was at that point that I had a That’s So Raven flashback.

Yesterday, in Microeconomics, we started talking about where supply for a good comes from. Guess where it comes from?

Inputs (like capital and labor) are put into the production function, to get outputs (aka goods). Which is exactly what we’re talking about in FOM. Go figure.

The reason the whole “max” concept with functions made me think of this is because the production function takes inputs, and gives you the maximum amount of outputs you can get from those inputs.

Weird how all my classes are connecting like this.


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